About us

We are a group of researchers from diverse technical backgrounds. Our goal is to make matter do fundamentally new things and we are not shy to draw on ideas across disciplinary lines to get there.

Interested in joining us? Have a look at available opportunities and get in touch!

Current members

Luokun Zhang

Advanced Functional Materials PGT (2024)

Haowen Zheng

PhD student (2024–)
Jointly supervised by Alexey Ganin

Nick Morris

CS–Chemistry PhD student (2023–)
Jointly supervised by Blair Archibald

Josu Irisarri

Visiting PGR (2024), UpnaLab

Zixi Wu

ChemBio PGT (2024)

Zehua Li

Advanced Functional Materials PGT (2024)

Junyi Chen

Advanced Functional Materials PGT (2024)

Barbara Jarzabek


Mariam Kalathil

International Summer Student


  • Jakub Wosik (Year 4 project student, 2023–24)
  • Liam Dodds (Nuffield placement student, summer 2023)
  • Ghazal “Lily” Tazehdel (US summer student, 2023)
  • Erin Johnston (Nuffield placement student, summer 2023)
  • Ross Ferguson (Nuffield placement student, summer 2023)
  • Chaoyi Zhu (PGT student, summer 2023)
  • Hongli Zhiang (PGT student, summer 2022)